Dressing for Home Comfort

Dressing for Home Comfort

With the current outbreak on our hands, is it any wonder that most of us want to
hibernate for the remainder of the year. School closures, panic buying and employment cuts are just three consequences of this pandemic, not to mention the social-distancing and isolation that many people are now experiencing.
Where is the silver lining, you ask? Well, although this situation is significant in this modern world, we must continue to strive towards what makes us happy. And do you know what makes us happy here at Till We Cover? Comfortable clothes! More importantly, loungewear. If we're being told to
stay in, we're going to stay in, in style.
If you're a huge fan of dressing comfortably while also looking great, you have clicked onto the right blog post today.

Continue reading for our top 5 picks for home comfort; whether you like to keep snug or enjoy cute matching pyjamas, there will be something to suit
your taste.

1) Hybrid Jog Trouser

The first item that’s one of the many comfort-trend disciplines for when you’re dressing for home comfort is a pair of joggers. When we think of comfy clothes, our instant thought is a cute jogger and hoodie set, right? So, behold our Hybrid Jog Trouser that is still extremely cosy, whilst also structured and flattering.
Comfort dressing doesn't have to drown your figure, after all. These hybrid joggers are woven in jersey fabric and are low-hanging, making them the ideal lounging staple. What's more, they have a contrasting elasticated waistband to bring them character, while also ensuring that they stay put all day, every day.
These smart joggers are classy, yet a definite lounging essential. Plus, at £29 you can't go wrong. Did we also mention that they have a secret pocket? Perfect for your lazy day snacks.

2) Organic Long Sweatshirt

This next item would ideally be paired with the Hybrid Joggers; yes, we're talking a sweat. What is a comfortable outfit without a jumper of some kind anyway? Our Organic Long Sweatshirt is long enough to keep your bum covered, while also being oversized for even more comfort. Inside, the jumper has a brushed warm handle finish inside for extra warmth and snug. With its
drop shoulder and set-in sleeves, you'll look casual but cool... especially as you know that you'll have bagged yourself a bargain at only £55!
Don't forget; we also have three colour variations of our sweat; White, Grey and Oatmeal.

3) Cat Nap PJ Set

Well, aren't these the cutest looking pyjamas that you have ever seen? If you're a low key cat lady, these are very fitting. These soft pyjamas are ideal for those days where getting dressed really isn't on your to-do list, but you still want to look extra cute. And then when you get tucked up at night, you can enjoy the matching eye mask while you have the best nights sleep in such comfort.
These are an ideal gift if you aren't the cat lover of your clan, and if you're looking for something a little less feline-friendly, check out our Candy Stripe PJ Set as these may be a little more to your taste.

4) Cocoon Scuba Jacket Grey

If you haven't got something to throw over you while lounging around the house, are you getting your comfy clothes right? We think not. This Scuba Jacket is fashionable, and it also keeps you nice and toasty. Comfort clothes are great, but when you need that added layer, sometimes it's hard to find something that feels good to lounge about in. Well, not anymore... This Cocoon Shaped Scuba Jacket is exceptionally soft, and it even has added jersey lining for extra comfort. Let's not forget to mention that it is ideal if you're going to pop out too because you'll still look good, while also feeling like you're wrapped in a duvet. RRP

5) Jersey Palazzo

Last but not least, we have our palazzo pants. These bad boys, as you can see, bring comfort clothes to a whole new level. Do you remember the harem pants that flooded the shops years back? Well, these trousers are similar in that they are very floaty and baggy, but because of their culotte-style pleated leg, they are even comfier and stylish. At an utterly affordable £25, treat your living room-bound days to extreme comfort with these Jersey Palazzos.

What do you think of these comfortable trends when dressing for home stay? As one of many comfort fashion brands today, we make it our mission to design and produce garments that exceed our customers' expectations. While we're amongst this uncertainty, it's upon us to make the most of this downtime.
You might be getting through those chores that you've been holding off or starting that hobby that you've been wanting to do, so why not make yourself feel good too? Clothes can keep you cosy while stuck in, but pieces like the above do that and also keep your confidence thriving too!

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