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London Modest Fashion Week 2018

Shehr Kazmi

Posted on March 09 2018

As LMFW ends for the second year running, we reflect on what a journey this past year has been.  From having attended in 2017, to then showcasing our debut collection the following year, with a reception we are extremely grateful for!

We met a so many diverse indivuduals at the show, all with a vested interest in what the modest world has to offer.  There were brands with a similar voice, influencers striving for change and industry leaders supporting growth.

At a time where fashion is about individuality, it is important to have strong female voices present and it is upon us to shift perceptions of the modest world. We had the pleasure of being interviewed by influencer Mariah Idrissi at the LMFW event for the fantastic Tresseme campaign  “BeYourOwnPro”. 

Mariah is a strong believer in empowerment for women and uses her platform unashamedly, to communicate the positive aspects of a modern-day modest woman. She role models how we can support others along their journey and develop modestwear to provide a genuine opportunity for inclusion.

At the opening show, the LMFW organisers introduced Lindsay Lohan as their VIP guest.  The press took an immense interest in this, with Lindsay photographed wearing the hijab in many articles tagged with LMFW. Although we can only see this as a positive influence for the modest fashion industry, we cannot help but feel it detracts from the wider dialogue of inclusion and it becomes about Lindsay’s religious influences or choice of clothing. 

The scope to grow this under-represented market is important to those that are part of this world; where we chose to dress the way we wish to dress, and use our power of speech to help shift perceptions.

Image result for orange heart emojiToday we speak of modest fashion, tomorrow lets hope to speak of fashion; this is true inclusion..