Why buy from a smaller brand you are not familiar with?

Why buy from a smaller brand you are not familiar with?

So why buy from a smaller brand, with less choice, that may cost more, but you are also not familiar with?

In short, we are not everyone’s choice. We are indeed a small business, based in the UK and we produce in Turkey. This should mean that you have a unique item to add to your wardrobe and something that is different from what others may be wearing, we tend to design styles that show less of your bits!

Our fabric choices ensure you can wash and wear your clothes frequently and easily, so the quality of this does dictate our cost price. We also produce from ethical factories, where tailors get paid a fair wage and work in a good and safe working environment.

We believe in timeless pieces, that are not necessarily trend led, but are a small investment to last you a while, something you can wash and wear again and again. This is also why we don’t churn out many styles per season, we believe in slowing things down and aspire to a world with less fast fashion influences.

We also feel it is advantageous for you to buy from smaller businesses, as they tend to have more time to communicate with you personally, and are quicker to respond to any questions or suggestions you may have. For example; we have tailored dress lengths for our customers in the past and our customer testimonials are all available to read on the website.

We hope this will help you in understanding a bit more about us, but also, help you in your fashion choices going forward!