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Merino Wool Beanie Dual/ Charcoal (without bobble)


Charcoal Dual Beanie
 Product code: 074CHR/075CHR/059GRN

These luxurious bobble hats are made from 100% extra fine merino wool.  The softness and warmth of the wool makes these a cosy favourite for autumn and winter!  The beanie hats are available in a choice of three styles in two colours: Hunter green singular bobble beanie, charcoal singular bobble beanie and charcoal duo bobble beanie.

You can also pick your favourite faux fur bobble to attach to the top of the discreet popper.  The faux fur bobbles are available in a choice of 5 colours: natural, maroon, pink, black and blue!

Fabric & garment care:100% Extra fine merino wool/ Hand wash the hat only and dry flat.

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